3-17-15,Suizenji,Kumamoto-City Japan


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a Japanese-style room and a European-style room -- we are preparing 15 rooms in all.You can use as various accommodations,such as a travel,business,and organizationtraining.

Incidental equipment,such as an audiovisual institution,is also substantial! I help advance of smooth schedules,such as training,a meeting,and a lecture meeting,on many actual results.

The party also with various big party and parties is also preparing the abundant menus of the sum Japanese and European food according to a budget.

※Anyone can use regardless of an individual,a company organization,or age.
※Suizenji Park is in an on foot within the circle,and it is quiet and you can relax.
※Since it is a public facility,you can use at a handy charge.
※It is equipped fully also with the parking lot.
 (70 standard-sized car accommodation are possible)
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